The Increasing Popularity Of Online Gaming

The Increasing Popularity Of Online Gaming

The increasing popularity of online gaming, In the previous, computer game were just used gaming consoles or at games. The intro of the internet has made it feasible to play computer game online. Online gaming is extremely popular and inning accordance with a current survey, it has become the leading form of gaming on the planet with 43% of players having fun solely online.

The popularity of online gaming is mostly because of the benefit and ease of access it offers. popularity Players can currently enjoy their favorite video games from anywhere on the planet as lengthy as they have a web link.

The Increasing Popularity Of Online Gaming

How to use the power of gaming to produce more leads

Players are an important target market for any business. They are enthusiastic about their pastime and they love to involve with various other players. They can often be found anonymously posting on forums or talking in chat rooms. This is why an online video game marketing strategy can be a great way to produce more leads for your business.

Social media is an efficient way of engaging with players and using it as an advertising device. Posting on social media systems such as Twitter and google and Twitter can help develop a neighborhood about the item or video game. The increasing popularity of online gaming This can also help to produce buzz prominent up to the launch of the video game, which in transform gives you more individuals buying right into your video game.

The factors for the popularity of online gaming

Online gaming isn’t simply a trend. It’s a lifestyle for many individuals worldwide. popularity online games The factors for its popularity are manifold, but they can be extensively classified right into 3 categories: entertainment, education and learning, and socializing.

Entertainment: Online gaming provides a great resource of entertainment to individuals worldwide.

They reach play video games and enjoy themselves without needing to invest any money on them as they don’t need any physical objects or equipment to play them. Education and learning: Online gaming also provides an outstanding means of education and learning for children and grownups alike. There are many academic video games available online that instruct children about various topics such as mathematics, scientific research, background, and location in an interactive manner that makes it easier for them to learn these topics.

Socializing: Socializing with friends is an important aspect of a healthy and balanced youth. Online gaming has become a prominent way for children to interact socially with friends and satisfy new individuals. The increasing popularity of online gaming,

When having fun online blackjack, children can make friends from around the globe that share their rate of passions and enthusiasms. They also have the opportunity to discuss video games they play or various other subjects they enjoy in chat rooms, neighborhoods, forums, and on social media systems such as Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter and google.

Play online video games at a risk-free website

There are several websites that provide free subscription. Most players decide to use these solutions because most various other websites don’t provide a wide variety of opportunities to win. These websites are often utilized to obtain a better understanding of the video game as well as to interact socially with others. Chat rooms on online gaming websites provide users with a great opportunity to involve with others. They may also involve with more professional men, which will be beneficial to them over time. Folks all worldwide will develop an enthusiasm for the video game consequently of this.

Focus is a key aspect that will improve your possibility of success. Anybody that is merely having fun the ready enjoyable or enjoyment, or in their extra time, should hesitate before proceeding to play an affordable suit.

The future of online gaming

At this minute, online gaming is increasing at a price 4 times much faster compared to the internet itself. Players all around the world are spending more of their extra time online as bandwidth and connection prices become more commonly available. This is mirrored in tv scores, which have decreased recently as the internet has increased in popularity. As internet capacity and rates proceed to improve, one can just foresee the future development in this industry. populer online games The option to bet real money is another amazing aspect of online video games. While almost every online gaming website enables you to bet free, many consist of wagering in the tasks so that the champs can make real money along with the excitement of being successful. This will certainly draw in anybody that desires to transform some of their online capcapacities right into something more significant.

The development of online gaming seems escalating. To recognize how quickly combining an extremely engaging video game with the opportunity to communicate in real-time may expand and become addicted, one simply needs to appearance at the incredible internet development of online video games.

Online video games have been entertaining families and neighborhoods for years and they’ll proceed to do so.

Parimatch is a dependable video games website that allows gamers enjoy a wide variety of video games. Sign up currently and play video games.

How can online gaming benefit children

How can online gaming benefit children

How can online gaming benefit children, Although online gaming is a type of entertainment, with parents’ support and assistance it can help children develop their creativity, support connections with friends and improve tactical thinking.

How can online gaming benefit children
How can online gaming benefit children

It can also help them develop determination to achieve objectives, develop durability and improve their interactions abilities so they know how to respect various other people’s viewpoints. Here’s a listing of manner ins which gaming is proven to benefit children:

Learning and development benefits

A great resource to develop very early learning abilities for more youthful children

Studies have revealed that certain video games can help more youthful children improve very early reading abilities with the support of moms and dads and instructors. Video games such as ‘Times Table Shake Stars‘ that’s used in primary institutions and pre-school applications such as ‘Endless Alphabet‘ can be great devices to assist children learn in a more engaging way. How can online gaming benefit children, Also, with the development of connected playthings, children can experience physical play while having fun on devices. Academic playthings such as Osmo combines responsive play items with a device’s video cam to give the in-play activity to life.

Improves memory, brain’s speed, and focus

Video games that are immersive and require strategy and problem-solving abilities to win, require gamers to keep in mind and absorb a great deal of information. Regularly having fun these kinds of video games can help improve children’s brief and long-lasting memory and help the mind process information quicker. Also, video games catch players’ imagination assisting them to stay concentrated on certain jobs and develops their determination to accomplish an objective. How can online gaming benefit children,

Improved multi-tasking abilities

Video games that require gamers to find items while battling various other challengers require focus on information and fast responses. Studies have revealed that having fun these kinds of video games can help children develop their multi-tasking abilities.

Develop abilities for future professions

The more complex multiplayer video games help instruct gamers how to be tactical, logical to evaluate risk and reward and require them to respond quickly to changes in the video game. All these abilities that they use can be transferable to real-world jobs that depend on problem-solving, logical abilities and tactical thinking. Offer a brand-new way to understand society and point of views
As video games permit children to submerse themselves in online globes and sometimes connect to individuals from worldwide, it can be a great way for them to find out about various point of views and societies.

Physical and social benefits

Team play provides social benefits Whether children are having fun multiplayer video games with friends or using applications such as ‘Heads up’ with the family in the living-room, these kinds of video games can help support connections through common minutes and improve their social abilities. For some that children that may have impairments, it can be a way for them to social and make friends if they are limited.

Trek To Yomi Review One Samurai

Trek To Yomi Review One Samurai

Trek To Yomi Review One Samurai, stands apart about Trek to Yomi is its striking aesthetic design. Set throughout Japan’s Edo Duration, Trek to Yomi catches feudal Japan with a grainy black and white filter reminiscent of classic samurai cinema–particularly the movies of famous filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. Almost every solitary frame in Trek to Yomi could be a painting; such is the beauty of its spotless structure. For all its gravitas, however, the side-scrolling activity video game underneath everything continually underwhelms. When 2 hefty, steel katanas clash versus each various other with a subdued and insubstantial whimper, it becomes clear that Trek to Yomi does not have the compound to suit its great design.


Most of your time in Trek to Yomi is invested reducing down opponents with protagonist Hiroki’s fatal katana. Combat embraces a acquainted framework as you utilize light and hefty assaults, parries, dodge-rolls, and ammo-limited varied tools such as a bow and shurikens to sculpt through each opponent encounter. Endurance governs how often you can obstruct and attack before ending up being weary and leaving on your own available to attack, but both health and wellness and endurance can be updated by exploring and finding pick-ups off the beaten track. You will also open new combinations as you progress, consisting of one that allows you turn backwards–useful for handling opponents that arise from behind–and another that leads with a hefty attack before transitioning right into a mix of lightning-fast strikes. Trek To Yomi Review One Samurai,

The one point that Samurai

You feel appropriately fatal, able to puncture most opponents with a pair of sword swings, but this does imply combat is a cakewalk generally. Armored opponents aren’t quite as easy to eliminate, since they’re able to sustain more damage and typically have more fancy combinations, and opponent kinds such as those possessing spears force you to shut the range before you can strike a killing strike. The problem with Trek to Yomi’s combat is that dispatching these foes seldom ever really feels satisfying. There is an absence of fluidity when transitioning in between various activities, and the computer animations are stuttery and stilted, lending everything a feeling of weightlessness that is up in arms with the game’s cinematography. Parries are decidedly underwhelming, too, and opponents have the tendency to attack one at a time–even when they have you surrounded–eliminating a lot need in also using the auto technician. Everything outcomes in combat handling a formulaic rhythm as you simply parry, attack, and after that duplicate, no matter which opponent kind you are faced with.

There is little important beyond combat as well. Looking for alternating courses can lead to the exploration of enjoyable ecological hazards that let you bypass whole combat sequences altogether–cutting a rope to send out logs tumbling into some hapless bandits resting about a campfire, for circumstances, or opening a dam to erase a team with hurrying sprinkle. Trek To Yomi Review One Samurai

There is also a solitary rudimentary challenge, where you need to appearance at 3 kanji personalities in the environment and after that line them up properly, that is recycled several times. There is a level of challenge in needing to differentiate in between various signs, but this produces a harshness in your role as Hiroki considering, as someone who’s Japanese, he would certainly most likely read kanji and not be confused by these challenges.

Eventually, the visuals do a great deal of the hefty lifting; Trek to Yomi’s motion picture discussion is attractive right from the very start. The video game opens up with Hiroki, a young samurai-in-training, exercising with his sword together with his grasp. Trek To Yomi Review One Samurai This series functions as a battle tutorial that assimilates well with Hiroki’s beginning and perfectly shifts right into the inspiring force of the tale.

Points all of a sudden go awry when your grasp is mobilized to protect the town from an getting into force of bandits, so he charges off, spear in hand, and informs you to stay put. That certainly does not occur, as Hiroki quickly fallen leaves the dojo looking for his grasp, and it is here that Trek to Yomi’s arresting aesthetic design reveals itself in both refined and spectacular ways.

After coming down the actions prominent right into community, the video cam settings itself behind shopkeepers and busy market delays as you weave in between silhouettes. You are provided a complete range of 3D movement when exploring the environment, but the video cam is fixed in purchase to frame each scene as however it were a movie. Trek To Yomi Review One Samurai Trek To Yomi Review One Samurai The lens beings in limited as you move through the town and pass its many denizens, before panning out once Hiroki arises through the main entrance, allowing you take in the vast rice areas and hills rising in the distance–fluidly transitioning from the affection of the town to the grand range of the outdoors. As you face the fierce bandits birthing down on your home, Trek to Yomi transfer to a 2D airaircraft to present its side-scrolling combat. It is an efficient point of view switch that outcomes in numerous circumstances where you face off with only warriors versus beautiful backdrops, further latching on that motion picture feeling.

Kurosawa’s inspiration isn’t simply restricted to a superficial black and white filter either. There might not be anything here that can really suit the Japanese director’s radiance, but that does not prevent Trek to Yomi from being an outstanding homage. Its use all-natural phenomena, such as wind, rainfall, terminate, and haze, produces movement that takes a breath life right into each frame in an extremely Kurosawa-esque style. Sometimes, the video cam will also move through a scene as however the supervisor himself lagged the lens, easily streaming from a wide-angle fired to a close-up and after that back again in one liquid motion. Because it was built from scratch as a black and white video game, Trek to Yomi’s picture truly pops as well. There is a clear understanding of comparison, darkness, and the clash in between light and dark tones that prevent each frame from looking as level as they would certainly if a fundamental filter was simply used.

While Kurosawa’s samurai movies are often slow-paced and methodical, Trek to Yomi is anything but, which is among the many locations where its tale and personalities veer far from the stylings of the prominent filmmaker. Trek To Yomi Review One Samurai Hiroki’s grasp is eventually slain by the roving bandits assaulting his town, so the young samurai makes a pledge to protect his home and those he likes versus any future risks. In the future, once Hiroki has turned into a hardened samurai, the town once again erupts in physical violence, sending out Hiroki on a story of vengeance as he faces his own regret at cannot support the pledge he made to his passing away grasp.

It is a simple tale that moves along at a relatively brisk speed, often pressing in much less compared to a min of discussion before you are into the next fight. The psychological defeats do not quite settle since you do not invest enough time with any one of the personalities to become spent, but it never ever attempts to extend itself too slim. This is a polished story that matches the activity without ever being really engaging. Sometimes, it is disappointing that it does not do more–only quickly discussing Shinto mythology, for example–but it offers its purpose, producing energy with its revenge-fueled romp.

The mistakes of its gameplay are particularly disappointing considered that Trek to Yomi is such a beautiful and spellbinding video game to appearance at. Its visuals are expressive of classic samurai movie theater in a manner couple of various other video games have managed, effectively catching the feel and look of Kurosawa’s masterpieces with aplomb. It is easy to suggest if you have actually an Xbox Video game Pass membership, so to admire each carefully constructed frame. So the video game beneath everything had not been such a regrettable disappointment.

Back 4 Blood Tunnels Of Terror DLC Review

Back 4 Blood Tunnels Of Terror DLC Review

Back 4 Blood Tunnels Of Terror DLC Review, Since Back 4 Blood debuted in October 2021, it is been players’ best-looking and perhaps most lavish Left 4 Dead follower since the initial sequel in 2009, but it is also been a frustratingly inconsistent game to play. In one degree, you might excitedly limp to the saferoom as a swarm scrapes at your heels, the way any horde shooter should often feel, just for the next degree to be a mess of opponent spam and bad objective design. 6 months later on, pacing and design problems still impede the experience in the game’s first growth, Tunnels of Terror, but the minutes of aggravation are finally showing indications of waning together with some enjoyable enhancements to the game’s core project.

Back 4 Blood Tunnels Of Terror DLC Review
Back 4 Blood Tunnels Of Terror DLC Review

The Tunnels of Terror growth includes 2 personalities, a multitude of tools, and 7 new degrees to Back 4 Blood through Ridden Hives. Instead compared to provide another underplayed side attraction to the main project, these Ridden Hives are wisely built right right into the game’s initial, currently lengthy tale setting. Spawning at arbitrary, hives serve as high-risk, high-reward optional dungeons right into which a complete group must consent to come down with each other.

Tauntingly, they often show up close to safe rooms, giving squads of Cleansers a choice to earn: moving towards the security of the bright orange door, or sink right into the hellish hives for the game’s best loot? For any top-level gamers, the choice should be an easy one. Famous tools can just be found in these hives, in addition to the game’s new free money, Head Totems, which can open special new cosmetics. Those factors should imply that the most difficult roguelite runs demand at the very least one match drop in a hive for better tools. However, the game’s tradition problems, such as badly balanced opponent swarms, proceed to obstruct.

Throughout the game’s 7 hives, each has a 2nd “internal hive” area that’s meant to be also harder, and they certainly are, but not in an enjoyable way. Instead compared to match you in inventive new situations such as splitting up the team or placing you in difficult flight-or-fight circumstances, the AI supervisor simply tosses a great deal more of the game’s Mutations (unique contaminated) at you.. Back 4 Blood Tunnels Of Terror DLC Review,

Tunnels Of Terror DLC Review

It seems like a game of D&D being run by a dungeon master with a puerile idea of the guideline of cool. Sometimes much less is more, but Back 4 Blood proceeds to decline the concept. Opening up a door and being consulted with 4 mini-bosses at the same time isn’t fascinating, it is simply tiring, and doing that 5 times in a solitary hive makes it that a lot more of a slog. As a conserving elegance, the AI colleagues appear better currently compared to they did at introduce, meaning these frustrating hordes are sometimes more manageable–at the very the very least predictable–when played offline because of the way the AI aims skillfully and defends you such as their queen.

These ongoing problems are why I found it both frustrating and amusing that together with the DLC came an also harder problem for those that want it. I have no idea anybody that believes the game is properly balanced at its most affordable problem, so presenting a brand-new ceiling without fixing that shoddy flooring seems like the incorrect way to go.

At the very least some various other components of these hives are beneficial. The loot itself is great, offering tools with outstanding statistics and unique capcapacities in a relocation obtained from loot shooters. Each bundle of these tools is also stashed in a Warped Breast, and opening up such a breast deals injury damage for your entire team, production HP harder to restore. Any Cleanser can unilaterally open up a Warped Breast, which makes interaction key–and the lack thereof possibly damning for group chemistry.

I found that as long as the AI supervisor was just being difficult but reasonable, the hives themselves were well well worth venturing right into. Each time I came after one, my team was excited to
inside, recommending that the risk-reward harmonizing act done by designer Turtle Shake is better off compared to its horde cadence.

While the hives do differ rather in design, they all mostly follow the same basic concepts: They’re stretching mazes of flesh where departures must be kept in mind psychologically by any group wanting to earn a fast exit after clearing them out. Obtaining shed is a purposeful component of the process, and groups that split up to tackle each titular passage will quickly remember team effort is critical.

I wish there were more variety in the hives’ real appearances, but I do also value the history lore that pours from them. Their simple presence paints the Ridden in more vibrant shades, zapping my mind with enjoyable questions such as “for the length of time were they down there?” and “how could these points ever be really exterminated?” These questions do not have answers, and I such as it this way. They advise me of the intentionally unclear tips of how the failure happened in any classic zombie tale.

The Tunnels of Terror growth is both a good enhancement in its own right and a progress record on Back 4 Blood’s ongoing struggles to find proper balance and speed. Many thanks to the going along with spot, I witnessed less minutes of aggravation in the previous week compared to I ever have before–monster spam in the internal hives notwithstanding–and that is heartening as someone that would certainly very similar to to play this game for a very long time, if it can simply iron out some more creases. In the meantime, it is still a little bit untidy, but in advance of the headlining enhancements of new degrees, personalities, and tools, I find one of the most promising aspect of Tunnels of Terror is its lengthy list of spot keeps in mind.

Review Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Review Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Review Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang, are you a mobile legends game player? This time, Daily Gamer Pro will review the 5 vs 5 moba game made by Moonton which is included in one of the esports games in Indonesia. This Review Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang starts from our initial impression of this game, game mechanics, hero level escalation and rank, os platform along with minimum game specifications, and other aspects.

Review Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang
Review Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Early Impressions Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Our initial impression of this moba game made by Moonton is quite interesting, the game objectives are easy to understand, the choice of heroes varies, and the team battle game is quite competitive.

Is this game perfect? Well, not really, for an esport game that can last 5 years, of course, it has advantages and disadvantages from various sides.

In terms of the combat system, it is very common like other esport games, players fight between teams of 5 people with the objective of destroying the opponent’s turret base. Pretty easy, right?

For old or new players, this game gives players a sense of addiction to continue playing the game. Unfortunately, every time there is an update / game update, feature updates, skins, and other additional file assets are not matched with good game stability optimization, so it’s not surprising, even though the speed mode feature combined with wifi connection, lag and stuttering is still common , especially on low-specs cellphones and slow internet.

Game Mechanics

In terms of mechanics, players are given analog control options that are easy to direct anywhere and the option to attack, provided basic attack icons, skill icons consisting of 3 slots (skill 1, skill 2, and ultimate skill) along with other mechanical options such as mini maps, build item shops, etc.

Game Objectives

For the objective game itself, there are 3 goals that are pursued by the player. First, succeeded in raising the rank to the mythical glory tier, becoming a global top player for mainstay heroes, and in-game objectives that focus on destroying the turret. It’s simple, but the mechanics of this level succeed in making players / gamers addicted to playing.

Game Level Escalation

Discussing the flow of the game and the level of difficulty, in the in-game section, each player will enter 3 phases of the plot, starting from the early game, mid-game, and late-game. Before the late-game, all players must raise the level of the hero as high as possible, in this game, the maximum level is level 15. If the level status conditions are met, it’s guaranteed, the hero you use can dominate the game.

OS Platform & Minimum Specifications

The Daily Gamer Pro writing team has been playing this game since season 11, if in the past smartphone specifications with 2GB ram were still smooth playing this game, now, don’t expect to be able to play this game on low-specs phones with old processors and under 4GB ram. At the very least, you must use 4GB of ram on the Android OS platform. Unless you are an iOS user, maybe 2-3 GB of RAM specifications can still play this game.

Prospect of Mobile Legend Game in the Future

As a moba game genre, mobile legends is not the only game that Indonesian gamers are interested in, there are other moba games that are competitors for this game, such as ; aov, lol wild drift and other moba games.
If mobile legends doesn’t fix the aspects that the players complain about, such as lag, stuttering, and the annoying part; the publisher and developer are not serious enough to handle the toxic players in this game. So, the decrease in the number of players is a consequence that must be borne by Moonton.

Asking about the prospects for this moba game, as long as the mobile legends game still has many players, does marketing for new player expansion, income from skin sales, and there are still e-sport tournaments for this game, we believe this game is still feasible and can last for some time. next year.

Of course, this is a PR for Moonton to continue to improve his game ecosystem, because a good game in the end is a game that can meet the needs of their gamer market.


In closing, in addition to the shortcomings of this game, we consider that mobile legend is still worthy of being played by gamers in Indonesia. Easy game mechanics and difficulty escalating game levels are quite challenging, and lots of interesting events to attract old and new players to play this game.

Best Online Game Review

Best Online Game Review

Best Online Game Review, more than 100 online games will be released in 2020. No one has the time to play all of them. If you are like most gamers, you probably want to sample the best games only. But how do you decide which games are worth playing?

YouTube game videos and adverts can give you a hint of what to expect in the games. The numerous online game news and review sites are also there to help. But like the number of games coming out in 2020, they are many and not all are worth your time.

Below we’ve compiled a list of the Best Online Game Review to subscribe to for everything to do with online games.

Best Online Game Review
Best Online Game Review

Best Online Game Review :

Niche Gamer

Niche Gamer began as a review site for Japanese Role Play Games (JRPG). As it grew popular, founder Brandon Orselli and his crew introduced more mainstream content. These days, Niche Gamer is highly popular on twitter, Reddit and other gaming platforms.

The site’s first category reviews popular consoles, PC and other offline games. The second item on their menu is news, editorials, interviews and a “What’s in the box” sub-section where editors reveal and review new online games. Niche also previews games before they come out.

One of the reasons the site has grown to be such popular with gamers is its community platform. Gamers can create an account and take up in reviews, criticize and contribute to other discussions. If you know of a game you think fellow players can enjoy, Niche Gamer invites you to talk about it in its Open Critic category.


The site is independently owned and run by avid gamers that don’t hold back their opinions when reviewing games. It’s the platform to go if you are tired of game review sites that are full of biased opinions.

Destructoid reviews everything related to gaming. From consoles to PC, movies inspired by video games, everything that encompasses gaming is covered. The site was started by Niero Gonzalez more than five years ago.

His team comprises gamers distributed around the world. Anyone can create an account on the site and contribute to discussions. In fact, the large community that religiously flock the site’s comment section are an important contributor to its success. Every thread is thronged with video game fans, most of whom are represented by colorful avatars and fictional names.

Tech Raptor

Tech Raptors is a household name as much as gamers are concerned. It’s one of the biggest news sites for anything game related. It’s also authoritative and breaks news about game release dates before most other sites.

If you want to find out about games, read prequels and reviews in real-time, Tech Raptors is the site for you. You can read expert opinions, find gaming tips and listen to their podcasts as you go about your daily activities.

Games Radar+

Like all the sites above, Games Radar offers a balance of news, reviews, previews, opinions and community discussions. Consoles, PC games, and online gaming make up the site’s primary priority. The second priority goes to gaming equipment reviews, movies and TV show reviews dedicated to gaming.

You won’t find the huge volume of reviews listed on other sites on Games Radar but they are objective and informative. They also don’t rush to publish their reviews. Once a game comes out, the site starts by playing it to completion.

Only afterwards do they publish their review. This shows the site invest their time to analyze games in depth before giving out opinions about them.  Their reviews are also broken down to include important categories as well as their pros and cons.


Imagine playing your favorite strategy game with money on the line. To some people, it’s a way of life. A lot of classic video games, including Mortal Kombat are being converted into casino games. NewCasinosBonus, for example, is dedicated to reviewing online games – but only those played at new casinos online.

Read reviews about slots, casinos bonuses, and everything else you find on gambling sites. Learn where to gamble and tips to help maximize your bonuses and avoid losses – all on the same site.


For those times when you just want to find out which game is rated better than others, Metacritic is the site to visit. You won’t find detailed reviews and expert opinions on the site. Instead, you only find game titles, one paragraph descriptions, and the game’s score.

Metacritic finds game scores from reputable game review sites and aggregates them to come up with an average. They do this for scores given by sites as well as those given by users. A game like Smash Bros. Ultimate has a Metascore of 96 (over 100) while its user score is 8.6 (over 10).

Metacritic isn’t limited to games alone. They reward scores to movies, TV shows, and popular songs. That doesn’t mean they aren’t extensive in their game coverage. You can find game scores by platform so that if you are interested in PC online games, you can skip to that section.

Review of PUBG in 2022 Is It Still Worth It?

Review of PUBG in 2022 Is It Still Worth It?

Review of PUBG in 2022 Is It Still Worth It?, are you wondering if PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) is still a good game to play in 2022? Would you like to know if it keeps being popular?

Maybe you found it accidentally… Someone told you about it… Or you play it already.

Whatever the case, we might answer one or many of your game-related questions today.

Review of PUBG in 2022 Is It Still Worth It?
Review of PUBG in 2022 Is It Still Worth It?

Review: What Is PUBG? Is It Worth It In 2022?

First of all… When was PUBG released?

The online multiplayer battle royale game, released for PC (via Steam) in 2017 is considered the first of its kind. Brendan PlayerUnknown” Greene developed a mod for other games (such as Arma 2), inspired by the Japanese film “Battle Royale.”

Some type of test was later released for the Xbox One with the help of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Preview program. Then fully released in September 2018.

A new survival horror game, named “The Callisto Protocol” based on the PUBG universe, is being created right now. Striking Distance is the studio behind it, which is led by the head developer of the Dead Space series. It’s planned to release in 2022.

Its mobile version (PUBG Mobile) was also released in 2018 for Android and iOS devices, as well as a PlayStation 4 port. Although the latest PUBG big release was in April 2020 for the Google Stadia streaming service.

While PUBG features cross-platform for most of them, it doesn’t for PC. This is because these players often have the technical advantage over others, let’s say, mobile gamers.

How many people play PUBG?

Review of PUBG in 2022 Is It Still Worth It? is without questions, one of the biggest multiplayer games we got in the past decade. And despite its ban on India and China (target countries), it remains very popular in several countries.

Internationally, its steam PC port gathers an average of 400,000 active players every month, with an all-time peak of 3 million. Surprisingly enough, it still gathers a higher monthly player count than Apex Legends, which was massively updated recently.

PUBG is one of the best-selling, highest-grossing, and most-played video games, selling over 70 million PC and console copies, plus 1 billion of total downloads that PUBG Mobile has accumulated as of March 2021.

How much money has PUBG made?

Trusted sources claim PUBG net worth roughly estimates to $5 billion. It grossed $4.3 billion on mobile devices alone as of December 2020.

How exactly do PUBG owners get money?

While their business model is free-to-play, their income comes from in-game cosmetics, sponsorships, tournaments, and merchandise.

And whose’s pockets is this money going to?

PUBG and 117 other applications were banned in India, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Korea, Jordan, Nepal, Israel, and Iraq this year, due to border tensions between the Government of this country and China.

It is surprising to see China banning the game, considering that Tencent Games distributes it in the country. Their proposed solution was a separate version called “Game For Peace” replacing blood and paying tribute to the Sky Warriors.

The argument was, the game engaged users in prejudicial activities to sovereignty/integrity, defense, and security, as well as their mental and physical health, due to the screen time effects, propagated violence, and addictiveness.