Review Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Review Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Review Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang, are you a mobile legends game player? This time, Daily Gamer Pro will review the 5 vs 5 moba game made by Moonton which is included in one of the esports games in Indonesia. This Review Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang starts from our initial impression of this game, game mechanics, hero level escalation and rank, os platform along with minimum game specifications, and other aspects.

Review Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang
Review Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Early Impressions Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Our initial impression of this moba game made by Moonton is quite interesting, the game objectives are easy to understand, the choice of heroes varies, and the team battle game is quite competitive.

Is this game perfect? Well, not really, for an esport game that can last 5 years, of course, it has advantages and disadvantages from various sides.

In terms of the combat system, it is very common like other esport games, players fight between teams of 5 people with the objective of destroying the opponent’s turret base. Pretty easy, right?

For old or new players, this game gives players a sense of addiction to continue playing the game. Unfortunately, every time there is an update / game update, feature updates, skins, and other additional file assets are not matched with good game stability optimization, so it’s not surprising, even though the speed mode feature combined with wifi connection, lag and stuttering is still common , especially on low-specs cellphones and slow internet.

Game Mechanics

In terms of mechanics, players are given analog control options that are easy to direct anywhere and the option to attack, provided basic attack icons, skill icons consisting of 3 slots (skill 1, skill 2, and ultimate skill) along with other mechanical options such as mini maps, build item shops, etc.

Game Objectives

For the objective game itself, there are 3 goals that are pursued by the player. First, succeeded in raising the rank to the mythical glory tier, becoming a global top player for mainstay heroes, and in-game objectives that focus on destroying the turret. It’s simple, but the mechanics of this level succeed in making players / gamers addicted to playing.

Game Level Escalation

Discussing the flow of the game and the level of difficulty, in the in-game section, each player will enter 3 phases of the plot, starting from the early game, mid-game, and late-game. Before the late-game, all players must raise the level of the hero as high as possible, in this game, the maximum level is level 15. If the level status conditions are met, it’s guaranteed, the hero you use can dominate the game.

OS Platform & Minimum Specifications

The Daily Gamer Pro writing team has been playing this game since season 11, if in the past smartphone specifications with 2GB ram were still smooth playing this game, now, don’t expect to be able to play this game on low-specs phones with old processors and under 4GB ram. At the very least, you must use 4GB of ram on the Android OS platform. Unless you are an iOS user, maybe 2-3 GB of RAM specifications can still play this game.

Prospect of Mobile Legend Game in the Future

As a moba game genre, mobile legends is not the only game that Indonesian gamers are interested in, there are other moba games that are competitors for this game, such as ; aov, lol wild drift and other moba games.
If mobile legends doesn’t fix the aspects that the players complain about, such as lag, stuttering, and the annoying part; the publisher and developer are not serious enough to handle the toxic players in this game. So, the decrease in the number of players is a consequence that must be borne by Moonton.

Asking about the prospects for this moba game, as long as the mobile legends game still has many players, does marketing for new player expansion, income from skin sales, and there are still e-sport tournaments for this game, we believe this game is still feasible and can last for some time. next year.

Of course, this is a PR for Moonton to continue to improve his game ecosystem, because a good game in the end is a game that can meet the needs of their gamer market.


In closing, in addition to the shortcomings of this game, we consider that mobile legend is still worthy of being played by gamers in Indonesia. Easy game mechanics and difficulty escalating game levels are quite challenging, and lots of interesting events to attract old and new players to play this game.